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German Riesling Tasting - 19th July - 7pm

German Riesling Tasting - 19th July - 7pm

19th July

7pm – 9pm

In the wine world, July is known for “31 Days of German Riesling”. It’s one of our favourite months at Arch 13 as we get to show all of our guests the absolute joy of German Rieslings.

There are an awful lot of misconceptions about German Riesling. Historically, German Riesling is seen to be a sweeter, more perfumed style of wine. And whilst that may have been true a few decades back, the modern German winemakers have really focussed on the beautiful, dry styles that really showcase the grape and the terroir in which it’s grown.

For this tasting, we will be guiding you on a journey through the regions of Germany, taking a more in-depth look into the different styles as well as what to look out for when you’re looking for that perfect bottle.

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