Mangalitza Lomo

  • The Mangalitsa pig is one of the oldest established animals in husbandry, having been domesticated some 8,000 years ago in Asia, from where it was brought to Europe.

    Known variously as the Mangalitsa, this Old World breed pig is indigenous to Hungary. Its name means 'hog with a lot of lard' and is pronounced mahn-ga-leets-ah. Not only does the Mangalitsa pig have a lot of lard, it has a lot of curly hair which makes it resemble a sheep. The Mangalitsa is the last pig in existence to sport this unusual and colourful fleece.

    Whole marbled loin muscle is cured with paprika and garlic to produce this melt in the mouth Ham from Phil and Melissa at Beal’s farm in Chailey in Sussex.