If you've enjoyed your experience in our bar, or one of our sexy cheese boxes delivered to your door, why not take a look at everything we have coming up?

This page is filled with all of our upcoming events and tastings, as well as any special offers.

Cheesemaker Showcase

You all know by now that we love British Cheese.

Well with the goal of promoting our favourite British Cheesemakers, we're showcasing a different cheesemaker every 4 weeks with a special cheese flight priced at just £10.

To find out more about this months flight, follow the link to our blog.

10% Off Wine To Go

Having a vino in our wine bar and like what you're drinking? Pop into our shop and pick up a bottle to take home and you get an automatic 10% discount

Wine on Subscription

That's right, a proper wine subscription club, just like the big boys do. Only, of course, better.

Click the link below to find out how you can get wine delivered to your doory every month without having to leave the sofa.