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Driving Home for Christmas

Driving Home for Christmas

Christmas isn’t just about booze! Alcohol free used to be a dirty phrase when it came to the festivities, but more and more of us are deciding to forego the alcohol these days. Whether its for your health, you mind or you just don’t fancy it, you shouldn’t have to miss out.

Wednesday’s Domaine are an alcohol free wine company based out of London, they ship dealcoholised wines over from Spain and blend with natural flavours and other elements to maintain the body, flavours and texture that’s often lost when alcohol is removed.

Tote includes;

1 x Wednesday’s Domaine Piquant White

Crisp, clean, perfectly balanced and full of minerality and citrus.

1 x Wednesday’s Domaine Sanguine Red

Plums, blackberries and noticeable depth.

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