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The Cork Dork

The Cork Dork

We all have someone that’s just impossible to buy for; the nightmare boss, picky in-laws, or difficult friends, but who doesn’t love the gift of wine at Christmas time? This year we’ve picked out two of our favourite crowd pleasers for our filled “Cork Dork” tote. 

Tote includes;'

2 x No es Pituko Wines

No es Pituko' is Chilean slang for 'it ain't fancy' reflecting the fact that this wine was vinified naturally, without any additions at any stage

No es Pituko Viognier hasibrant aromas of peach and tropical fruits are layered with buttery notes and balanced by a refreshing natural acidity.

No es Pituko Carignan is a fruity wine with expressive notes of rich plum and ripe black fruits.

Guaranteed to be a hit with any wine drinker.

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